Our Philosophy

Water Baby

At Children of the Sound, we have taken swim instruction a step further. Our private and small group lessons for kids teach and encourage capability and confidence.

We will match your child to one of our instructors, based on your child’s personality and comfort level in the water and out. Striking an essential balance between playfulness and practice, your child’s swim or class instructor will guide he or she through new experiences, helping to create a confidence that will stay with your child both in and out of the water.

Children of the Sound emphasizes gentle and patient encouragement, allowing children to progress at their own level of learning readiness though individualized and small group lessons. Our instructors will meet your child at exactly his or her comfort level. With personalized attention and focus, even reluctant children will enjoy significant progress as the learning process unfolds naturally.

At Children of the Sound, we are dedicated to creating confident, enthusiastic children and swimmers. Through years of experience, we have seen children grow and succeed, bringing skills they have learned in the pool to other areas of their lives.