My mom took me to Children of the Sound when I was four because she wanted me to learn how to swim, but it turned into something much more than a survival tool! It became a passion! Because of COTS I became very strong in the water and now it is my eighth year of swimming on a competitive team. If it weren’t for Lyes and Children of the Sound I never would have fallen in love with the sport of swimming and I wouldn’t have met some of my best swim buddies. Next year I will start swimming for my high school, and I can’t wait! When I get older I want to teach kids to swim at Children of the Sound! Lyes, YOU RULE!
— Josiah, Westport
We had my sons 8th Birthday here and had a blast. Everyone had such a great time they didn’t want to end. Not only did we have fun but the staff was so helpful and fun too. I cant say enough about this place. We will definitely be back. Thank u again Swim & Play staff..
— Jessica Decker, Wallingford, CT
Aspen is magical with children, there are no other words. She is absolutely one of the best we have ever come across. Very professional
— Nashville, TN
My four year old twins have been swimming with Children of the Sound for almost a year. They have become more confident and have truly grown in their swimming skills. I am amazed by the enthusiasm and patience that our instructor, Illeanna, has with the boys. She makes the lessons fun while encouraging them to practice and strengthen their skills. The boys look forward to their lessons every week and I continue to be amazed by their progress. Our family is very happy with the COTS program and our dedicated instructor, Illeanna.
— Melissa, Port Chester
My son started swimming with COTS three years ago at the age of 3 years (when he was afraid to put his head under water). The improvement and progress he has made is incredible! It took just 2 lessons to get rid of that under water fear. He is now 71/2 and swims in one of the weekly clinics and loves it! A HUGE thanks COTS! The COTS staff are extremely dedicated, honest and hard working. It is very apparent how much they care about the success of each student. We love COTS!!
— Renee, Westport
Both of my children were extremely stubborn when it came to learning how to swim, but the staff at COTS managed to get them in the pool and swimming. My children know what to do if they accidentally fall into a pool, how to swim freestyle, and will even jump in! The COTS staff knows how to teach children and help them to overcome their fears. My youngest used to be terrified, and now he calls himself “otter boy!” He is not yet 5 years old and can already swim 4 different strokes, glide underwater, and is learning how to tread water. We are very pleased with this program and continue to recommend it to everyone.
— Mother of 2, Norwalk
“My son has made amazing progress ever since joining Children of the Sound. Previously, he was hesitant to get into the water and was not comfortable getting his head wet. Today, he is excited about swim class and can’t wait to get into the water. He even jumps into the water! His confidence in the water has come sooner than expected only because of the wonderful instructors at Children of the Sound! We look forward to even more progress from here!”
— Pam, Wilton
We have been a very happy COTS family for the last 5 years. All three of my children participate and love it! I would highly recommend COTS to anyone looking for the best kid’s swimming experience around.
— Amy, Wilton
If you’re looking for an excellent swim school where your child will have fun, build confidence, learn how to swim, and possibly even discover a love for the sport of swimming, look no further! It doesn’t get any better than Children of the Sound! Lyes and his staff are awesome–they really care about kids! Thank you Children of the Sound!
— Zoe, Westport
At age 5, my daughter was reluctant to put her face in the water or go under. We tried other swim programs with no success or progress. Within 2 or 3 lessons at COTS, my daughter began to enjoy the water and all fear went away. My daughter is now swimming in the junior clinic and loves it! My son also took lessons and has become a successful swimmer. Highly recommend Children of the Sound!
— Andrea, Westport
All of my children (7,5 and 3) have learned to swim with the wonderful instructors at COTS. I love how they first emphasize safety in the pool, including equipping children with strategies should they become fatigued or in distress. They then move onto teaching children proper form and eventually stroke development. I have recommended COTS to all of my friends!
— Kelly, Darien
The parent/child class is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the water, pool and swimming. The class is taught by Miss Sue who is always full of energy, fun games & songs for the children/parents. We especially like her big bucket of the most fun & fabulous bath toys for the children to go “fetch” and swim to. My daughter loves going swimming & gets so excited when she sees her swim bag. I would recommend this class to any parent. It is also a great way to spend some quality time in the pool with your little love.
— Brooke, Darien